Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee members are prominent leaders of the Hong Kong Industry and many of them are our own alumni. Their advice and support is invaluable to ensure that we provide the best possible courses for students, and that graduates are well-equipped to tackle problems encountered in the local industry. Many of them have delivered seminars as a part of engineering training to our students with a view to giving a broader perspective of the engineering profession and the challenges it offers.


Ir Frank F. Chan
Electrical & Mechanical Services Department
Ir Paul Y.C. Chan
Chairman of BSDAP Director
Wong & Ouyang (Building Services) Ltd.
Ir Darryl C.H.Chan
Head of Engineering, Engineering Department
Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Ltd.
Ir Michael P.K. Cheung
Assistant Director (Electrical & Mechanical)
Drainage Services Department
Ir C.Y. Fong
Managing Director
ATAL Engineering Ltd.

Ir James Y.C. Kwan

Mr. Vincent Lau 
Chief Executive Officer
ITE (Holdings) Ltd.
Ir Edmund K.H. Leung 
Chief Officer
Ir Dr. W.K. Lo 
Managing Director 
Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Ltd.
Ir Dr. Francis Lung
Deputy Chairman & CEO
Hydrotech International
Ir C.K. Wong
Director Meinhardt (M & E) Ltd.