Route To Professional Engineers

The "Hong Kong Institution of Engineers" (HKIE) sets standards for the training and admission of professional engineers in Hong Kong. Corporate members of the HKIE are eligible to use the title "Ir.". The Government and most companies in Hong Kong recognize the membership as the key qualification for professional engineers. The typical route to Ir. Includes:

  1. Education Requirement: 
    Obtain a HKIE-recognized undergraduate honours engineering degree like BEng in Mechanical Engineering
  2. On-the-job-Training Requirement:
    Be employed by a company which offers a HKIE-approved training (scheme A) that is conducted under the guidance of a qualified engineering supervisor. The minimum duration is 2 years.
  3. Responsible Experience Requirement:
    Work in a position of responsibility, which requires professional knowledge, supervision of engineering staff, and practice of the relevant engineering discipline. The minimum duration is 2 years.
  4. Professional Assessment
    Be assessed in the forms of essay writing and interview on knowledge of and experience on engineering processes and management, appreciation of investigation, planning, design, construction, manufacturing, maintenance, safety and environmental issues, etc.