Modules Offered in 2015-2016

Modules offered in 2015-2016:


Module code Module title Semester List
MSc(Eng) in ME
MECH6017 Noise and vibration 1st B
MECH6024 Applied mathematics for engineers 1st B
MECH6026 Computational fluid dynamics 1st A
MECH6046 Microsystems for energy, biomedical and consumer electronics applications 1st B
MECH6047 Finite element analysis in mechanics 1st A
MECH6019 Sources and control of air pollution 2nd B
MECH6034 Computer aided product development 2nd A
MECH6045 Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and applications 2nd B
MECH6048 Dissertation Full Year B
MECH7011 Applied thermodynamics and power plant technology 2nd A
MSc(Eng) in BSE
MEBS6001 Electrical installations 1st A
MEBS6003 Project management 1st A
MEBS6011 Maintenance and management of building facilities 1st B
MEBS6014 Computer modelling and simulation 1st B
MEBS6016 Energy performance of buildings 1st B
MEBS6018 Clean electrical energy and smart-grids for buildings 1st B
MEBS6021 Fire services design I 1st A
MEBS6000 Utility services 2nd A
MEBS6002 Lighting engineering 2nd B
MEBS6006 Environmental services I 2nd A
MEBS6010 Indoor air quality 2nd B
MEBS6019 Extra-low-voltage electrical systems in buildings 2nd B
MEBS6023 Dissertation Full Year B
MEBS7010 Vertical transportation and drive 2nd B