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Seminar : Evolution of microstructure, texture and strength during severe plastic deformation of Cr


Speaker: Professor W. Skrotzki
Institut für Strukturphysik
Technische Universität Dresden
Date: 17 July, 2017 (Monday)
Time: 2:30 p.m.
Venue: Room 7-37, Haking Wong Building, HKU
An equiatomic high-entropy alloy CrMnFeCoNi was severely deformed at room temperature by high pressure torsion (HPT) up to shear strains of about 170. Its microstructure and texture were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (X-ray line profile analysis and X-ray microdiffraction,
respectively). It is shown that at a shear strain of about 20 a steady state domain/grain size of 24 nm and a dislocation density of 3 × 1016 m-2 is reached, while the twin density goes over a maximum of 2% at this strain.  The texture developed is typical for sheared face-centred cubic metals, but it is extremely weak. Moreover, the microhardness was measured after
HPT as a function of shear strain. The results will be discussed with regard to the mechanisms of deformation, including dislocation slip, twinning and grain boundary sliding.
About the speaker
• 2003 – 2017 Executive Director of the Institute of Structural Physics at the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
• 2003 – 2009 Dean of studies of the Department of Physics at the Technische Universität Dresden and Chair of Bachelor-/Master-Committee
• 1993 – C3-Professor for Metal Physics at Technische Universität Dresden
Research Fields
• Mechanisms of the plasticity of metals, intermetallic compounds, semiconductors, ionic crystals, rocks (yield stress, work-hardening, dynamic recovery, steady state creep, solid solution and precipitation hardening, fracture)
• Mechanisms of texture development during solidification, deformation, recrystallization, phase transformation, deposition • Mechanisms of monotonic and cyclic deformation of nano-
/submicrocrystalline materials
• Structure and properties of interfaces
• Influence of barriers on short crack growth
For further information, please contact Dr. M.X. Huang at 3917 7906.