Academic Staff

Chen M.Z.Q.
Assistant Professor
Research Area:

One strand of Dr. Chen's work has explored the passive network synthesis in mechanical systems and electrical systems and passive control. This topic is closely related to a new mechanical circuit element named 'inerter' and its application in vehicle suspensions.
Another strand of his work has been exploring the complexity of networks, in particular, the flocking and swarming dynamics in natural biogroups and the consensus problem. Solving the flocking and swarming problems using distributed computational methods has direct implications on sensor network data fusion, load balancing, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), attitude alignment of satellite clusters, congestion control of communication networks, multi-agent formation control, and so on.
Recently, he has started working on smart grid and energy management systems. In particular, he is focusing on the microgrid applications with the Model Predictive Control (MPC).
He is also interested in systems and control theory in general.
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