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HKU and Peking University host joint capstone design project


The Faulty of Engineering, HKU, joined hands with the College of Engineering of Peking University (PKU) to offer two inter-institutional capstone design projects for undergraduate students in the academic year 2015-16, under the China 1000 Exchange Programme. Two groups of students formed by both HKU and PKU completed design projects in offering solutions to real life engineering problems, under the supervision of both HKU and PKU scholars. The pilot run of the scheme proved to be a success as participants enjoyed the cultural and academic exchange with their counterparts, and the deliverables attracts the interest from the industry.

Alongside the close collaboration between HKU and PKU in scientific studies, the two institutions organized their first joint university capstone design project in the academic year of 2015-2016. A group of six students, three from HKU (supervised by Dr. Anderson Shum) and three from PKU (supervised by Professor Yanyi Huang), worked side-by-side to propose solutions to two seemingly different problems: generation of droplets generation and breakup of liquid bridges.